Witch hunt game guide

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The events of this DLC take place a year after the Archdemon has been slain. Morrigan has been missing since the events of that day but she has since been spotted in the Ferelden Wilds. It's now time for you Warden to tie up some loose ends. Difficulty does not matter for most of this DLC so feel free to blow through this on Casual if you'd like.

You will need to defeat only the boss of this DLC on Hard. If you've been playing everything in order I witch hunt game guide highly suggest importing your most leveled warden. It will make the final fight on hard pretty easy.

You will be accompanied by Dog. Inside the hut you will meet a Dalish Warrior called Ariane. She would like you to take her to the Tower of Magi to look for a book. When you exit the hut take care of the darkspawn that attack and then head to the circle tower. When you arrive at the Circle Tower you will be allowed to wander around the Apprentice Quarters.

Your goal right now is to find a book. At the very center of the Apprentice Quarters there will be four index pedestals. Reading an index book will activate bookshelves in the library. Feel free to read all the books that you want. To move the story along though first look at the Index A-F pedestal.

Go to the mysterious artifacts section and look for the book "A Catalog of Elven Relics". Once found, neither you nor Ariane can translate it, witch hunt game guide head back to the index and look under the T-Z pedastal.

Go to the history section and take the book "Translating Elven Languages". Head on over to the mysterious Artifacts section and try to read the book again. As you are reading, a mage named Finn walks up to you and admonishes you for treating the book badly. He will give you some information on the Eluvian and will your party afterwards. He tells you that you need to go to the repository and that Hadley is the only one with the key.

Find Hadley and convince him to give you the key. To get access to the basement you must convince Hadley that you can take care of the malfunctioning sentinels in the basement. He'll hand over the basement key. When you head down into the basement you will be attack by Sentinels. When you've damaged the sentinels enough Veil Tears will appear.

When you reach the statue of Eleni Zinovia she will be frightened and won't speak with you.

Witch hunt game guide

Finn mentions it's probably because of the veil tears. Head out of the room and seal all of the veil tears and then you will be able to return to the statue for a conversation. The statue will tell you that you require shards from a broken Eluvian along with the Lights of Arlathan that can be found at Cadash Thaig.

They can be used together to perform a scrying ritual. You start of in the Elven Ruins at Map Location 1. Head through the door and defeat the enemies that ambush you. You are going to want to make your way North to Map Location 2 as the South door is locked.

Loot the key and you will be able to make your way further into the ruin. Finally make you way to Map Location 4 to acquire the broken Eluvian Shard.

Witch hunt game guide

You can now exit the ruins and make your way to Cadash Thaig. While walking through Cadash Thaig you need to make sure to find four pieces of lore for an achievement. These will be marked on the map as "L". There are also four Lights of Arlathan that you must collect in this area in order to move on and perform a scrying ritual. These are marked as "A" on the map. Cadash Thaig is a very linear area. Finn has uncovered magic vortices in the area that if you stand on them can lead you in the direction of the lights of Arlathan.

These vortices can be useful but are unnecessary if you know where the location of each of the lights is already. With that in mind make your way along the path to Map Location 2. Here you will find you first Light of Arlathan along with witch hunt game guide nearby chest containing your first piece of lore.

At Map Location 3 you will find your second Light of Arlathan. From there continue on down the path to Map Location 4 which happens to be down a small alley. Loot the Pile of Bones here for your second piece of lore. Head across the bridge to Map Location 6 a loot the piece of paper from the spear for the following achievement:.

Collect the last Light of Arlathan at Map Location 7 and then head to the quest marker at Map location 8. Examine the glowing area and Finn will begin the scrying ritual. Shades will now start appearing. Protect Finn from the Shades and once he is done you will get a new objective and an achievement:. Through the Looking Glass Completed the scrying ritual. You start off in the Dragonbone Wastes at Map Location 1.

Follow the path while defeating Dragonlings and Cultists. Once you reach a large clearing at map location 2 SAVE. This is the point when you need to switch your game over to Hard. When you enter the clearing you will come face-to-face with a creature called the Varterral at Map Location 3. If you've imported a character to this DLC, then the Varterral even on Hard should not pose too much of a problem.

This is nothing like the Harvester fight on Hard from Golems of Amgaraak. Make sure Finn is set to ranged and is ready for healing. Take out all the witch hunt game guide first and then go hard on the Vaterral. If you manage to beat it on hard you will unlock the following achievement:.

Witch hunt game guide

Varterral's Fall Defeated the varterral on Hard or Nightmare difficulty. Enter the door to the nearby tower and follow the path to Morrigan. After your confrontation with Morrigan, head to the camp and the game will end. You will now unlock:. Witch Hunter Completed "Witch Hunt". Hope you enjoyed your time with this game :D. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

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Witch hunt game guide

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