The twist adult game cheats

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember me. Lost your password? The Twist Guide [v0. The template is KsT's original walkthrough. Main character, you slip into his role Janice Jason's and Julia's mother stepmother? Jason's sister stepsister?

The twist adult game cheats

Jason's schoolmate, Rachel's son Kelly Pharmacist at the pharmacy shop Emma Jason's neighbor Shady guy Dealer at the school John Janice's husband, Jason's and Julia's father stepfather? Jason's math teacher Kevin Jason's schoolmate Adrianna Photographer at the studio Red hoodie guy Dealer at the beach Rachel Billy's mother Danielle Janice's sister, Jason's and Julia's aunt Kira Cheerleader captain, Michelle's daughter Receptionist Yuki, receptionist at the hospital Mike Kira's boyfriend Kendra Emma's niece, nurse at the hospital Michelle Kira's mother Steve Hold C while pressing H.

Default is 30 days. Works only when Janice is already pregnant step The pieces also indicate the maximum you can have in the inventory. When an item is not on its maximum of pieces, you can buy a new unit.

The twist adult game cheats

You always pay the full price. Pharmacy shop: Shady guy: Suntan Lotion It has a bar and a floating line. In the middle of the bar there is a yellow segment. You have to click on the text on the right side when the floating line is over the yellow segment of the bar. Cheat: Press C to override this. The eye turns red. Now you can click on the text on the right side at any time. Weekdays to Pharmacy shop One outfit score is equal to one day. To check Julia's outfit score, go to the hallway by day.

This list describes the name of Julia's outfit and its maximum outfit score to reach wearing the respective outfit: Daily clothes John stays at home for 7 days. He is away for 14 days. Steps with the remark John mean that John must be at home to do these steps. As long as John is at home before stepJanice and Julia refuse to change their clothes. With the steps and you decide on John's final fate. The last one you ask will visit Jason at night: a Janice: Go to the living room and catch Janice reading a book. Click on "Talk to her" and "Ask her to visit you at night".

Go to sleep in Jason's bed. Click on "Ask her to visit you at night". If she informs Jason to text her later, click on "Text to Adrianna" until she gives Jason a positive answer. These steps and events have the remark Billy and are completely optional. These steps and events have the remark Pregnancy. You can choose between different sleeping beds after some game progression. Go to the respective room before to the twist adult game cheats a bed as the default sleeping bed: Jason's room Jason's bed is the default sleeping bed from the beginning.

When Jason's bed is not his sleeping bed: Go to Jason's room, click on the bed and on "Set as sleeping bed". Jason's bed is then his sleeping bed again. See step Julia's room After John leaves, you can choose Janice's or Julia's bed as the sleeping bed again. After you have decided on John's final fate in stepthis no longer happens.

After Janice is no longer mad at Jason, you can choose her bed as the sleeping bed again. Kelly's score can be higher because her score increases by 5 by buying an item at the pharmacy shop. Her score indicates the maximum without buying the items. Go to the dining room. Click on the cabinet to take the whisky bottle. Go to the kitchen. Click on the fridge. Jason gets a lemonade.

The twist adult game cheats

Catch Janice drinking whisky in the dining room or Click on "Sit by the table". Janice and Jason have a talk about the argument Janice and Dad had the last night. She confirms that Jason and Julia are adopted.

The twist adult game cheats

Catch Julia in the living room checking her phone and click on "Sit next to her" or approach her in the pool. Jason tells Julia that they are adopted. Catch Janice in the living room reading a book. Click on "massage shoulders". Repeat this to increase Janice's score.

Another option to increase Janice's score up to 40 is in the kitchen when she asks Jason to pick up the sponge. Approach Julia in the pool. Jason gives her the lemonade. Jason and Julia have a more detailed conversation about being adopted.

Julia's score increases by This unlocks Julia's scenes in the living room step 7. Catch Julia crying in the living room. Click on "Get closer". When Julia's score is less than 30, Jason hugs her and Julia's score increases by 5.

The twist adult game cheats

Julia's score increases by 10 up to Go to the living room while Julia is taking a showerand additionally between and on weekends. Click on her phone. When you have to enter the password, click on "Cancel". Catch Janice at the pool laying on the lounger.

Click on "Come closer" and "Happy to! When her score reaches 35, continue the scene by clicking on "move her leg". Jason says: "Wow Click on "leave her be" to end the scene. Another option is in the bedroom when Janice is taking a nap between and Click on "Get on the bed". Repeat this until Jason says: "Wow! She really does have the best ass in the world! Go to the bathroom. In the room with the tub pick up Janice's panties from the floor.

Now click on "move her leg" and "touch it". Repeat this to increase Janice's score up to Catch Janice in the kitchen. Click on "Touch her" and "Stop". Click on "massage shoulders" and "Touch her boobs".

The twist adult game cheats

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