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Hi there! We are Altos and Herdone and we are making The Headmaster, a dark comedy combining a nonlinear story, stats management and a unique punishment system. Patreon Discord. The game has been updated to 0. Check out the changelog on our Patreon Post. The current version has approximately 11, images and around 16 to 18 hours of gameplay. About the Game In the not too distant future, on a small island nation, a crisis has arisen.

The of students graduating from school has fallen sharply and university places are going unfilled. Faced with the prospect of mass unemployment and potential economic disaster the government is forced to introduce emergency measures. All students over eighteen who failed or were expelled from school are to be forced back into education at a of special facilities.

The headmaster game

In The Headmaster you play an expert in psychology with some unique ideas about how to tackle the crisis. After a demonstration of your theories at a teachers conference, you are approached by the agent of a mysterious organisation. He invites you to interview for the position of headmaster principal at one of the newly founded schools for over eighteen year olds.

Keen to prove yourself and your theories you gladly accept. Using your unique disciplinary methods you must turn a whole school of delinquent young women into hard-working and obedient students. Things will not be easy for you. You must win your colleagues to your side, cater to the unusual demands of the school's owners and deal with a troublesome government inspector. All characters portrayed in this game are over the age of eighteen.

All acts protracted in this game are between fictional consenting adults. Log in with itch. I've read that if Priti's photo is not handed over to Mr. Wilson then the photo can be sold at a high price, is the photo automatically sold after refusing to give it the headmaster game Mr. Wilson or what should be done to sell it? For next update. I hope the shooting weekend event is a repeatable event, even though I have won. Because it's the best event on the weekend. I know we can keep repeating it as we like in the replay menu, but what I want is that the event happens every weekend, so that every weekend it won't repeat the same thing again or I hope there will be a new event in the next update for the weekend patrol.

The headmaster game

That image is a reaction shot from you having sex with Sally in the mens locker room showers. They're basically hearing you through the walls. I think you need to have fully trained Debbie and then meet Sally there at the right time. Technically there's a way to get into the girls locker room in the morning once Amy has gotten as far as you can. Which is not fully trained, that isn't available yet. But it never unlocks like you're really asking.

The headmaster game remember it now, I hope to enter the women's locker room will be in the next update. I'm playing it again now to make sure I haven't missed anything, but it looks like I've got it all worked out. Can't wait for the next update. Even though it's been done before, I want to finish it again now without cheats because before I started all over again with cheats.

Hope we get to enjoy the next update soon!

The headmaster game

Keep up the great work! Obviously to get 11 influences you have to complete all staff missions, Mr Wilson gives 3 influences after completing 2 missions, the Priti password mission 1 and the Priti photo or slut for Mr Wilson 2. Newman, Law Debbie to level 4 or 5 1 to level 5 or 6 2.

Chang, lab upgrade 1 assistant 13 influences from Mrs. Potts checked the class the first the headmaster game 1checked the class the second time 1punish Mrs. Potts 1 after checked the class the third time. If you force The headmaster game not to trick Priti to get a Photo, when you hand it over to Mr. Wilson it only gets 1 influence, I know it from the replay menu but haven't tried it myself. Had to go back and forth between Jimmy and Sally a few times to get it to unlock. It won't be complete for a while. We're probably only half way through the overarching story. There's still around 20 hours worth of content already though and all the scenes can be enjoyed in their own right.

I deleted the game but kept the saves folder, in next update in august will those saves work or I have to play again from start? Hi, I am new to this game. I really love this and I have a bug error. It is in " the Debbi Level 2, massage buttocks".

When I tap it, the action stop and I gain nothing. But I can tap it in free spank mode. I am playing this game on Android. Please I really enjoy this game. Can you fix this. Not sure what would cause that. That code has been in the game for over a year without any problems.

Try resetting the punishment. You'll need to click through any dialogue before you get the point. I did but when I go and visit her in the teacher lounge it doesn't show the next quest, I've asked her all the questions. Could be a of things. Make sure to have plenty of free space on your phone. You may also need to do a fresh install back up your saves first with a file manager.

Switching the phone off and on a gain also works sometimes. Very good story and progression, the scenes are just still frames, and any animations are just still frames played quickly, but the characters have their personalities and unique looks, which out weights any negative.

The of frames for the animations has been steadily increasing. It was about four or five initially. Then it went up to twelve, then twenty four and now it's about eighty frames each for the latest ones. You've got to get near the end of the current content to see the newest animations though. I may go back and update a few older ones at some point. Man this game is honestly solid! Though it's got weird for me, the MC looks exactly like me, I mean maybe I'm a little less muscle but glasses, hair, height and looks etc all seem scarily similar to me, what makes it worse though is the game seems to be set in Europe and The headmaster game hazard a guess the UK where I live!

And if that wasn't bad enough at one point in my early 20s I worked in an all girl's school! Though they weren't trouble makers and I wasn't the headmaster and more the groundskeeper for the place but I definitely had my fair share of fun! If I hadn't know better and didn't know a thing I'd say someone followed me around and wrote my life haha.

Just complete the first two main quests and you'll be able to do it. It's a big game, it'll take a while.

The headmaster game

Plenty of good stuff happens along the way though. New beta version should be out for patrons on Friday. It'll be free here in about six weeks. Anychance there will be repeatable scenes with some teachers or maybe that's planned at end their storylines?

The headmaster game

Did enjoy the game a lot, only thing I really have to say as mild critique that is really nitpicking outside of really wanting repeatable scenes as mentioned above, is that I think would be really awesome if the map matched up with rest the art, feels like map look more realistic where rest look more 3d realism. By the way, Altos: I am quite sure that Mr. Cummings is older than Maybe you want to correct his age Characters - Others Apart from this: I admire your work ethic, your determination to do it your own way and your intelligent approach to the whole subject.

It's a real pleasure to watch the the headmaster game of the game. Thank you. This is absolutely the best nsfw game I've ever played, thank you Altos and Herdone, can't wait for the new update! I hope the next update for Android can be reduced in size, or the image resolution reduced so that the size does not become larger than 1.

I wished that the game would have a clearer statement towards the intellect of the students. The grades keep dropping, how much time I spent in the class room, they keep doing dumb stuff and at one point I don't even want to punish them anymore. So, in short, the are not learning, they get dumber every day and noone is gonna change that.

What can I do to change the grades? Keep hitting them won't work, tutor them won't work, walk an socialize won't work, so Focus on Discipline in the early game. Visit Miss Potts in the evening to give her training. After discipline hits 20 grades stop falling. I'm not sure if it's because of my old the headmaster game but I've downloaded the game multiple times on android and when I install and open the screen just stays white and nothing happens just curious to know why since all the other adult and non adult games on itch haven't been a issue.

I have visited Ruth however the quest has yet to update. I have tried various ways to solve this problem like quitting and rebooting the game and starting a new save. However these attempts all failed and I am now stuck. Is this a bug or am I just playing wrongly?

Yeah I have also had this issue. Got the grades to and completed every questline as far as I can but the "placeholder ending" never happened. Not sure if there is anything else to do.

The headmaster game

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