The guy game gameplay uncut

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Back before free adult content was just a search bar away, people looking for such things essentially had to pay for what they could find. Workers in the adult entertainment industry are definitely entitled to proper pay for their work, but Girls Gone Wild built a business off of approaching drunks girls at bars and parties and having them flash the camera, their consent and personal information provided certainly dubious due to the circumstances.

At this time, the video game scene very rarely featured nudity, let alone footage of real women baring their breasts, but Jeff Spangenberg must have been inspired by the party atmosphere of Girls Gone Wild because he went on to direct a game simply titled The Guy Game. However, whereas watching Girls Gone Wild was a passive experience and would often go beyond simple shirt lifting, The Guy Game added such a degree of needless complexity to the act of seeing even a single uncensored chest that any chance of the title being titillating went down the drain.

The Guy Game was filmed on location on South Padre Island, Texas, the participants either being beach-going babes or ladies who were spending their night at the Tequila Frogs bar during Spring Break. There are twenty playable episodes to The Guy Game, each one starring at least three women but occasionally featuring a team entry to bump the up to four and the total of ladies featured above To get rid of this, you would think that maybe you need to get the right answers to the trivia questions answered, but that is not the case at all.

The trivia questions the game asks the player are almost entirely irrelevant to the content on offer. If you wait a while to pick your answer during this round, two of the four multiple choice answers will disappear leaving only one right and wrong answer, but answering earlier provides a bigger cash reward. There is a very small reward for coming out on top at least, although this is automatically provided in single player play. If no one has any cash at the end of the round though, the game punishes you by having an obese man do a video where he poses sexily instead, and surprisingly he seems to put more heart and energy into it than some of the girls.

The models in general make some uncomfortable looking faces in their the guy game gameplay uncut set of menu images, and while these will also get progressively raunchier as the game goes on, seeing the more revealing images requires you to do well at the real meat and potatoes of The Guy Game: the Flash-O-Meter.

The guy game gameplay uncut

Each episode of The Guy Game has its own dedicated Flash-O-Meter you need to overcome before the game starts removing the censorship from the live action clips. Your answers to the trivia questions do not impact it at all though, the player instead having to engage with follow-up questions to the trivia. A wrong answer does nothing to the Flash-O-Meter, but correctly guessing if the girl is incorrect or not will start to build the meter up.

However, there are some complications to this meter still. Your rewards for both regular questions and the rounds where you guess if the girl got it right start to diminish as the timer starts, and while you have a second to input your answer before it begins dropping, taking time to think can drag out filling the Flash-O-Meter even more. There is definitely a lot of pop culture questions rooted into that specific point in history, the release of the game meaning that the sitcom Friends was so fresh in the minds of people they can ask about specific activities in an episode and the girls will get them right.

The on-site audience can even provide hints to the girls, giving them right or wrong answers that further make it basically impossible to accurately predict how the round will go. After the Foreplay round is the Ballz round which exists only for cash accumulation. Only your cheerleading model is shown during this step, the player either able to play a game where they try to roll their ball into moving targets, push smaller balls out of a rectangular arena with their large ball, or play a strange form of soccer where the big balls can pick and shoot the smaller one.

Besides the guy game gameplay uncut regular multiple choice questions directed at the player, the goal has now shifted away from guessing if the girls get the questions right or wrong. All the problems with the Foreplay round and the reliability of getting the answers right return here, meaning it is actually possible to get through all 12 questions, many of which have unskippable portions, without breaking the Flash-O-Meter.

Even if you were content not seeing uncensored breasts after all, filling the Flash-O-Meter is required to unlock more episodes, meaning you will have to repeat an episode that can take around 20 minutes even with every skip possible and quick answers made.

The guy game gameplay uncut

You can skip the flashing portions if you hammer a button to lower a paper bag over the scene, but at the end of the round we have what is meant to be the game rewarding you for breaking that meter: The Hottie Challenge. The Hottie Challenge only has one part of interactivity: you bet on which girl you think will win a physical contest.

The guy game gameplay uncut

These physical contests will involve things like seeing who can hula hoop the longest, jump rope the longest, or win a sack race. Many of the same Hottie Challenge des are repeated across most of the episodes, only for the game to start whipping out new ones near the end like a jumping jack contest and a fight with large rubber balls was weapons.

The guy game gameplay uncut

Two color commentators will try to spice up the event by talking constantly during it and cracking the easiest ribald jokes that can be cooked up, but they do sometimes come up with something funny and help avoid making the awkward act of watching a woman jump rope for a minute silent as well. However, these commentators suffer a similar problem to most of the game, and that is that its humor really fails to land.

Matt Saddler recycles material as well, repeating the line about loving his job when women lift their shirt or calling men in the audience gay for trying to give the girls answers. Admittedly the crowd was mild for her Hottie Challenge round, but the unusual hostility featured during the round feels counterproductive in a game that makes you put so much effort into receiving so little reward.

Some of the girls bring a lot of personality to the affair. While you can unlock videos and pictures for later viewing, the process of getting them is long and arduous because of how convoluted breaking the Flash-O-Meter is. Because of the frequent unfairness of filling it up, the frustration of having to randomly guess at whether or not a girl will get the right answer or even the right wrong answer, and the slow pace of the game as it refuses to let you skip ahead at many parts, those brief moments where women might reveal their breasts uncensored are hollow.

There is something to be said for earning nudity in a game rather than just being given it, but that is because it satisfying to see your reward when it is properly earned rather than gained by way of random guessing. On top of that, a game with adult content usually at least knows to give you a hearty amount of the material for your efforts.

Even The Hottie Challenges where all the girls are pretty much topless the whole time hold little of value since getting there was so agonizing, and while there are definitely plenty of attractive women in the game, the structure has robbed them of their appeal by making the gameplay so painstaking that it goes beyond simple objectification.

Pushing through all the barriers to seeing these clips in their original form makes it nearly impossible to enjoy what little the game is willing to finally give you for your efforts. THE VERDICT : Perhaps The guy game gameplay uncut Guy Game could have pleased some teenagers or frat boys if was a lightly interactive version of Girls Gone Wild, but the convoluted and aggravating structure to the trivia game attached to brief flashes of bare flesh completely destroy any chance of this game being appealing as the guy game gameplay uncut entertainment or titillating through erotic content.

The humor grows old fast and the girls lose their appeal as the effort expended and time wasted to get the uncensored versions of their antics is poorly reward with brief and sometimes awkward nudity. There are so many better ways to get what this grueling game offers that there is no good reason to slog through this miserable experience even by those desperate for the tiniest shred of sexy material. The idea that some college bros might set this up for a raunchy party is incredibly absurd once you see all the trouble you have to go through to even see the content these imaginary participants would be hoping to see.

The game is structured in what seems like a deliberately frustrating manner, your rewards miniscule and robbed of their potential for arousal not only through the effort you have to put in to get to them, but by the odd framing the live action footage has. If The Guy Game was just a simple artifice through which you could see some topless women having fun on the beach then it would be far less offensive, because while this game would probably be proud to learn it had bothered people by providing plenty of lewd images and footage of young ladies, its much greater sin was making it so incredibly boring.

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The guy game gameplay uncut

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The guy game gameplay uncut

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The guy game gameplay uncut

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The guy game gameplay uncut