Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

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General Rating. Download Submission. Support them by sending some Shinies their way! Prev Scraps Download Next. Project X: Love Potion Disaster 3. What this version have:. New enemy animations. Evil Mode with all the playable characters. New hit effects. New item sprites. What this version missed:. Flash animations as reward of Evil Mode. Sorry but due some troubles i wasnt able to add them Download it in: www. Enjoy and comment! SuperMissile Digital Artist link. Lovely surprise from your team Zeta, can't wait to play it!

Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

AvianPictures Digital Artist link. I'm glad that I've been having trouble sleeping these past couple days. This is a very nice and unexpected surprise. I look forward to trying it out. Thank you Pen, was going to ask that myself eventually.

Crossbow Watcher link parent. Nomeka Watcher link parent. This actually works for a great of programs, so that might help. Comment hidden by the owner. I'm going to assume that one needs to now have an with either to download right? SpadeFoot Digital Artist link. I knew I stayed up late for a reason.

God, I'm so glad I can't fall asleep right now x3 Thanks again to all of you guys getting this great product to us! Wheee Waited alllll night for this since I saw Neo's post. So worth it. As far as this goes for the PC windows, do they have actual achievements? Either way, I'm still gonna play it. Nevermind, it was a stupid question. I can't seem to make the window bigger without going fullscreen, and it crashes in full screen, little help?

CrystalOokamiWolf Anthro Artist link parent. Same with me O. O Norton said it was a Risk and deleted the file XP. Starmax-The-Hedgehog Digital Artist link.

Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

Starmax-The-Hedgehog Digital Artist link parent. Kusaragi Writer link. I have been hoping to see a new release of this one. Cnby link. Arena mode saves seem to be bugged. If you try to reload a beaten arena mode save you end up in the secret cave area in the second level. Cnby link parent.

After overwriting my old Project X folder instead of just extracting 3. TomskotheHedgeFox Photographer link. Is there a way for you to rape the people you save throughout the levels in Evil mode? MasterSkadu Digital Artist link. Alright so far. I play first run of the story and the arena AI attack rate increase makes the game actually challenging.

More enemies showing up, some that didn't show up before in some area now do. I like some of the new animations, the raging demon horse attack did make me laugh, but the belly button fuck left me in that awkward boner moment. Am I suppose to land on the leaf, or above or below it?

The extra music and sound to the cut scenes was a nice touch. See some new cameo show up on stage one, Tai-Li. Nice to see a reptilian character in the game. One thing that you might want to fix on it the window mode, for the game.

Small enough that it can be hidden in cause you don't want anybody walking in the room as you play, but large enough so you can see most of the stuff in the game.

Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

Hopefully we get to see the new stage soon, and see who won the contest way back you held, I still don't remember seeing any responses to the winner s. Anyway, its late on my end. I got to take care of "tension" from the game run. I will the second story run thru with blaze and evil mode.

Till then take it easy. The second stage hidden area isn't found by falling in a pit anymore. MasterSkadu Digital Artist link parent. Ohh man IDK how I miss this. I dunno what's wrong, but I can't get access to lovepotiondisaster.

Always can't. It's only one place there I have a chance to the game, and now this way is broken. About connection - I have a good internet, but looks like ping between me and server is too high. There's always "Connection Timeout expired", so I don't know what to do with it.

Having played for a while there seems to be a glitch with repeat play-through and the emeralds. More so if you play 2 player. It seems to hod your power level between games, however does not restore it. And you have not even been touched yet.

TrystanSeven Art Whore link. Is Evil Mode meant to be anything besides a harder mode of the normal one? Not seeing anything different aside from the cut-scenes. Darkfs Photographer link. Blazecooper64 Watcher link. Finally it's here! Can't wait for the next version probably gonna be a bit better considering that it's not fully sonic love potion disaster game all attacks yet.

Keep it up you guys! Can you to mediafire or some other mirror besides rapidshare. Rapidshare caps your speed at 30KB so this is taking 20 minutes to download. Crossbow Watcher link. Can anyone tell me what are the commands to save in that game? Been trying to figure that out for ages. Mars11 link. Its OUT?!?!?! SohAozaki Watcher link. Alright Did my second run and evil mode of the game and the gallery.

Uhh it was harder with blaze vs zeta. Zeta break thru with her hadoken and her damage output make her the best one to clear the game with the fastest. Evil mode run God that was hard as dick trying to get pass most of that without the escape mechanic, it does make you better player when you don't have to rely on it but when your swarmed its had to avoid not getting fucked a few times.

Check some of the new animation for some of the characters, I like some of the tentacle ones and the few of the horses. Their is a glitch the reload the game after you beat it the first time to get the gallery and evil mode instantly that you want to check on. Also as an idea, to give the option to have the boss gallery on the menu after you beat arena and evil mode.

Cause doing the arena over and over just to see the bosses animations is abit annoying and repetitive. It will be nice when you put the reward in for beating the evil mode and the next stage, I am curious on how your going to do this water stage. CrystalOokamiWolf Anthro Artist link. It looks awesome. But sadly the window is way too small for me to see. And it only let me played the game Played as Cream first to the door breaking down it suddenly exit out and won't let me open the game.

So Idk what all to tell you about it other then I am having trouble with it and that my Aniti Virus protection is blocking the game saying it's a threat. Unless someone can help me out here and tell me what I am doing wrong? Ok there we go.

Now it's letting me play the game. But the window is still small and it crashes when I try to go to fullscreen. TwistedInferno Anthro Artist link.

Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

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