Qsp game player

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Thread starter toolkitxx Start date Mar 27, Game Developer. May 3, 1, 1, The user Sonnix on TFG has provided this excellent new version of a QSP Player which not only supports a wider range of picture and video formats webm, webp, mp4 but is also multi-platform Versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux and You must be registered to see the links.

Last edited: Sep 9, Reactions: cglecoCarnagiejustanotherguy2 and 31 others. Sep 14, 1, 15, Replacement for a gif would be a webm regarding feature. But you are right that mp4 also works smoothly and adds sound to picture. Sonnix Newbie. Dec 25, 19 Will try and post updates here as well. If anyone finds any bugs in the player feel free to report them and I will see what I can do. Reactions: Papa ErnieOiz and toolkitxx. A small addendum for the less technical inclined people: This player is really a blessing for anyone who wants to modify or create a new game based on QSP.

QSP had a huge advantage over other languages as it was tightly tied into the actual player functionality. With this player Sonnix opened up QSP to fully utilize html5 commands inside a game thus basically eliminating the need for QSP Navigator in qsp game player future.

Older games will run as they always have but they can now be enhanced with things that are common in modern browsers like video and SVG. Reactions: Papa Ernie and ShadowStrike. ShadowStrike New Member.

Qsp game player

Feb 17, 2 0. I have problems with both QSPs. Using standart QSP gives this warning "video element lacking src" and doesn't show any videos. Sonnix version works with videos BUT only if "video loop" tick is removed from the settings. So once the video ends, it just stays there, no way to replay it.

I don't remember having any problems with vids using standart QSP before so I don't know what to do. I've used google to search for an answer but nothing. I think your problem might be related to how you create the actual video address to the video itself.

Qsp game player

Your html command has to be in line with html5 standard for this - so if you want controls etc basically like this: Code:. Last edited: Apr 22, Reactions: ShadowStrike.

Qsp game player

Just to emphasize that again: my earlier posting is purely related to Sonnix's player. This will NOT work in any of the other players! Waypoint New Member. Jun 16, 2 0. Can the timing be conrtrolled like HTML5 video? Waypoint said:. Sorry for not ansering for so long. Some info on video playback. So normally this option should not be used at all and you would just use a full html5 video tag. Also this option may be removed from future versions. With the player I also post examples from time to time.

So it might be helpful if someone posted a link to examples here as well. By timing I assume media fragments? They should qsp game player supported. But due to how links are handled there might be a bug right now that assumes the part after in src is also a part of file name.

Or there might be a bug in QtWebEngine. I will have to check why this might not work.

Qsp game player

I've updated the player. So it would be nice if someone updated the links here. It includes some experimental features so qsp game player might be a good idea to live old links as well. Windows version now uses Qt 5. New version includes action hotkey display and line wrap for actions. So no I think all the UI functions from the classic player are implemented.

I'm interested in feedback on this feature. And suggestions on how to implement this. In future I might include more features to bridge html5 features to player. Reactions: toolkitxx. There is another small update that fixes media fragments. Now you should be able to set start and end for the video in src with it's url. It should be noted however that with media fragment set the loop for the video will not work tested it in normal browser and it does not work there as well.

There are also some minor UI improvements in new version. I've released a new version. Also I think now I can post links here. Version 1. Reactions: zero42 and toolkitxx. Jun 28, 4 3. Sonnix, I'd like to request Linux releases if possible. Also, is there a list of games you test for compatibility, or is this mostly intended for authors of new games? Reactions: zero Reactions: spectre1vipertoolkitxx and zero Xorgroth Active Member Modder.

Oct 12, Awesomnium support would be great and Linux support would be also be a huge bonus if doable. I don't use KDE or Gnome though, it's pretty much just lxde. Probably just need to add the qt libraries, know I got a qt5 based sdr app on my Debian box. Sonnix Sorry to bug you man but i have a question slash request: As far as i can tell you havnt changed anything in the behaviour of saving a game, correct?

Because one thing that bugs me is that the actual settings of the frames seems to 'reset' whenever the player qsp game player closed down and starts with some frames disabled. Is there a way i have overlooked to change that so the saved game 'remembers' the setup of the player frames at time of the save?

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Qsp game player

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