Lust doll game guide

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 19 of 83 Go to. Master of Puppets Well-Known Member. Oct 5, 3, 4, Indivi said:. Thanks, glad to hear it! I've been considering a cooking mechanic, but tbh not sure yet what purpose it would actually serve. Maybe you'll be able to cook them as gifts for npc's? Masterlordflame Well Known Member Donor. Game Developer. Aug 5, 74 Hey all, Indivi just updated the game so here's Lust Doll r5. Indivi Active Member Game Developer. Jul 22, Edit: New link for android: You must be registered to see the links.

Master of Puppets said:. Other ideas would be healing items, or items to give bonuses like drinking or massages give.

Lust doll game guide

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Lust doll game guide

Nov 6, 61 Aug 10, 4, 8, Rose said:. Reactions: Gangradur. Amariithynar Active Member. Oct 26, Jan 30, The problem with cooking and food buffs is always that they're tough to balance. If they're too inificant to bother with then there's no reason to care but if they're too strong they trivialize content. Then there's the question of whether to balance things around it or not. Not everyone likes crafting stuff it can get tedious and I can't think of many games where it was useful enough all the way through to bother with so if it's optional you can't assume everyone is using it.

Some go in the other direction and require you to eat once in a while but not everyone likes that pointless bit of verisimilitude, either. If it were included here I'd say just keep it simple and lust doll game guide recipes refill stamina and give the satiated status. Being able to cook for different characters and get little scenes isn't a bad idea, though.

That's simple and fun. Hey, for anyone playing on android, I screwed up the package names when I rebuilt the project for my new computer old one diedso that's why it's treated as a different app. I've fixed the name and updated the link in the post below flame's, so please pick that one up instead. Thanks for the food ideas! I'll jot them down and go over them.

Lust doll game guide

Reactions: FantasmaUchihanime66Frimarsel and 1 other person. Jackie the ripper Newbie. Aug 5, 61 It's only v4.

Lust doll game guide

Jackie the ripper said:. Heedoth Newbie. Jan 11, 77 Are there any animated scenes or is it only text. If text, will it stay that way. Prawnboy99 Member. Jul 21, Is there NPC preg in this? Or just PC? Jun 21, 3, 2, Prawnboy99 said:. MostlyHereForYuri Newbie.

Jul 11, 90 For my own part I imagine I'd probably skip it after trying it out because I'm mainly playing the H-game for the H, but I can see an atmospheric value in it, especially if it lets you set up campsites or something to establish a sort of mini-safe zone in an otherwise dangerous area. I'm a sucker for those. Good game by the way, I'm trying out both versions and liking them a lot so far. I guess the thing I miss the most is some sort of quest log to track my current goals and info with.

Suffice it to say I'm intrigued and find more good than bad about the overall thing. Also a friendly notice to any newbies who might peek in on this particular who cba reading the rest of the thread that this game effectively has two versions with the newer one being a remake.

There's Lust Doll which has more quantity in it, and there's Lust Doll Plus which has less quantity but more quality. Personally I'd recommend lust doll game guide interested to try out Lust Doll Plus first and if they enjoy it and hunger for more to step over to Lust Doll while Indivi is getting shit done on Plus and entertain yourselves there until the next content update for Plus. Jul 4, Reactions: Bored None for the new version, this for the old version.

It may or may not give a hint. You must be registered to see the links. Kelis New Member. Jun 17, 2 2. May 30, 13 5. I brought rinny to the gates but it's not working. Reactions: rKnight. In the Plus version it hasn't been developed yet so you can't do lust doll game guide. In the old version it should be as simple as bringing Rinny with you up to the gate and she'll open a dialogue which gives the option to fly over. If you don't get that in the old version then something is wrong with the game.

Actually you can enter, you just need to talk to the guy to the top in the screen before it first, but you can't finish that questline yet, so you lose Rinny without being able to get them back for now. Reactions: cumsniper and Beggarman. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Lust doll game guide

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