Finding miranda walkthrough game

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However, as Shepard gets to know her, players will come to understand why she has made the choices she's made and see her as flawed person whose genetics and upbringing have led her to constantly feel pressured. Miranda's loyalty mission reveals backstory that humanizes her and explains why she ed Cerberus, as well as her devotion to the Illusive Man. After completing the main mission on Horizon, Miranda's loyalty mission can be started by gaining her trust through finding miranda walkthrough game aboard the Normandy.

Simply visit her quarters and speak with her after the mission and she'll ask Shepard to help keep her sister safe by moving her off Illium. Like all allies, if you do not complete the loyalty mission, Miranda may die on the suicide mission. To get there, follow the balcony around after exiting the port and head up the stairs at the end of it.

Once in the bar, go into an alcove on the left side. An Asari named Lanteia will be waiting; just make sure you have Miranda with Shepard. While talking to Lanteia, Shepard can ask Miranda questions about the situation and a man named Niket who works for Miranda's father and helped her escape him. He is the one helping transport Miranda's sister and family. When you're ready, talk to Lanteia and Miranda. At this point, you'll be able to reselect one teammate. On this mission, players will be fighting Eclipse mercenaries and some mechs. Miranda has some biotics, but not great weapons; she is more about bolstering the team through passive skills than dishing out damage or dealing with groups.

Depending on Shepard's class, you'll want someone to balance out damage and crowd control, or Tali's AI Hacking to help out with the mechs. Once things are settled, Shepard and the team land in a shuttle car at one of Illium's cargo bays.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

Eclipse mercenaries will be waiting for Miranda, but they won't be hostile at first. Instead, they'll tell Miranda to leave, as Eclipse was hired to return Miranda's sister to their father. Either finding miranda walkthrough game, the merc will scoff and go on about how Eclipse is powerful, and Shepard will have a chance to take a Renegade action.

Otherwise, Miranda will take a pot shot at one of the mercs and a fire fight will ensue. Shepard will need to progress through the bay to reach Miranda's sister, and there will be Eclipse Heavies with rocket launchers, Troopers, Vanguards with barriers and regular mechs along the way. There are some explosive containers Shepard can use to their Shepard's advantage, as well as plenty of cover.

Most areas are medium to long-distance between enemies with a few close-up surprises. It's a mostly straightforward shot through the bay, though there are also plenty of items and credits to pick up along the way, some of which are a little hidden. Make sure to check everywhere before moving forward in an area, including inside crates where mercs emerge. After making your way through this first area, you'll come to an elevator and cutscene with Miranda. She'll tap into the Eclipse communications to keep track of what they're up to and what's going on with Oriana.

After exiting the elevator, Miranda will warn Shepard of the cargo conveyor belts potentially getting in the way during fire fights and some containing hazardous materials. Make sure you aren't too close to these larger containers when blowing them up, as they may be elevated and catch Shepard and teammates in the explosion.

Other than that, this area is similar to the one, with more mercs and mechs as you make your way across the cargo area. There are also more items and plenty of Medi-gel along the way.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

Just keep heading forward, checking side rooms and containers for items as you go and defeating enemies as you go. The way is straightforward. At the end, you'll come to the next elevator, which will take you to Dock Niket and Eclipse Captain Enyala will be waiting here.

Radio chatter about transportation will come in, and Miranda will become frustrated as it's becoming more likely that Niket betrayed her. Upon exiting the elevator, a cutscene will begin between Shepard, Enyala, Miranda and Niket as finding miranda walkthrough game dock worker is explaining transports are grounded. Niket explains why he doesn't agree with Miranda about keeping Oriana from her father, and there are a few Paragon and Renegade options here.

Either way, Niket dies and a fire fight ensues with Enyala and Eclipse mercs. This fight takes place in a small, rectangular space with cover on all sides, but if mercs aren't taken out quickly, they can pile up and move in on Shepard's squad. Enyala herself is a boss with a barrier and armor to get through before reaching her health.

She also has Warp, the ability to regenerate her barrier and a shotgun, so keep her at a distance with distractions or by moving around the arena. There are also other Asari that will annoy the team with biotics, making this fight tricky on higher difficulties if you aren't staying on top of enemies. Once Enyala and her mercs are down, you'll be able to check the area for credits, Medi-gel and an Asari locket for a side mission near the exit.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

After exiting, Shepard and Miranda will be back near the Normandy dock watching Oriana from a distance in a cutscene. If Jack's loyalty mission has been completed, you'll be treated to a scene between Jack and Miranda after returning to the Normandy. Otherwise, this will play out once Jack's is complete. Here, you can choose sides in their argument or use Paragon or Renegade to end it.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

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Finding miranda walkthrough game

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