Dating my daughter game walkthrough

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For most parents, the thought of their daughter dating seems frightening as they fear for the safety of their girl. When it comes to your daughter finding a boyfriend, you might be reminded of dating my daughter game. The game involves actions that a boy has to take to earn friendship and love points.

You might want to apply similar rules to your daughter, if one wants to date her they must follow specific rules. You Must Get Past the Parent If a boy wants to date your daughter, they must pass through you, approval means that the parent knows you better. Before spending time with the daughter, the parent might wish to ask you some questions to evaluate if you are a virtuous fit for the daughter.

Dating my daughter game walkthrough

You should know that a daughter holds a special place in the hearts of most parents. It Is Best If You Man-Up with Manners Currently, most young people prefer to stay distant as this seems cool to them, but spending time with the girl is the way to go to get approval. Get the door for her, look her right in the eyes, and compliment her, make her feel special at all times. Education for most parents is crucial, and that is why you do not get to date their daughter while they are still in school.

The daughter might not be allowed to go out to the mall, movies, or dinner during school days.

Dating my daughter game walkthrough

Inspiration from Date My Daughter Game Dating my daughter walkthrough guide might be applicable in real-life situations if you have to earn the trust of the parents and the daughter. The game has rules for dating my daughter, and although these are the ideas of the game, they might give you a simple guide dating my daughter game walkthrough how to behave on a date.

The more points you get in the game, the higher the level of friendship and love you get, which enables you to unlock the scenes in the game. This is similar to a relationship as the more dating my daughter game walkthrough you gain, the more prosperous your relationship will be in real-life.

Dating My Daughter Work Through; Day 1 Dating my daughter is an exciting game, the first level depicts the first day when you visit the daughter, and you should open the door and hug her, which earns you one friendship point. Tell her you should have called her and hug her again, compliment her to get one more friendship point. Talk to the daughter and ask how the mom is doing, ask if she is right, and continue talking with her on other topics. Ask her if she wants to watch a movie, choose a romantic film which gives you an additional friendship point.

Kiss her on the cheek while watching the movie, find the kitchen and fix her something to eat. Do not touch her thigh; this is another friendship point, but if you go to the bedroom, grab the pillow and hit her for an additional score. Day 2 of the Date My Daughter Game At this level you have to get eight points, the game features an apartment, you have to call the daughter, go to the bathroom and hug her. If there is a misunderstanding, forgive her, to get one friendship pint.

Compliment her and put some romantic music dance to the music, and you should hold her to get two friendship points. Sit on the couch to watch a movie grab her waist, and you might touch her thigh to get two extra friendship points. Hug and cuddle for additional friendship points. Tell her the truth be okay with massaging her legs to get two extra friendship points. Talk about your job and go somewhere else like a night club. Help her have a drink, and later you should take her home safe and on time. Game Walkthrough Day 4 You are at the restaurant, kiss her ask if she likes her new job, compliment her new hairstyle.

Take a picture of her smiling and wish her a good day. Ensure that you get all the points from this scene. Game Walkthrough Day 5 You are at the apartment, and it is at night in this game level, prepare dinner for the girl, preferably omelet. Tell her the truth always, watch TV, help with household chores, kiss her, and wish her a good night.

Day 6 of the Date My Daughter Game Get up and ask her what she wants to do for the day, fix her breakfast, and go somewhere else like the park. Kiss her in the park as she turns around and punch you, which earns you one point. Take photos with her and tell her that she looks adorable.

Dating my daughter game walkthrough

Day 7 of the Date My Daughter Game Every day is a new level, and here you are at the beach, tell her that with her on the beach it is more beautiful than being alone. Tell her that what she is wearing is perfect, kiss her, and start spreading sunscreen on her back. Explore the beach with her and eat some ice cream.

Dating my daughter game walkthrough

Find a beach game such as sand volleyball and play it with her. Go back home early and drop her off with a kiss. Conclusion Everyone wishes that their daughter finds a good man and that they are happy with their dating life. This has led to ridiculous rules on dating my daughter principles by many social media users. Some even go-ahead to get an application to date my daughter form with, which gives their insights on rules and regulations on dating their daughter.

Although date my daughter game is fictional, it is almost applicable in real life, and most men should seek inspiration from the game on how.

Dating my daughter game walkthrough Dating my daughter game walkthrough

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