Corruption game mr.c

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. MasterKrull Newbie Game Developer. Apr 25, 79 Charles de Guernica Member. Oct 3, I've several problems but the most important things are these: 1 There is no option to get the VIP card for Casino. No new content with Julia and the twins. It doesn't trigger even though they all are near corr. She says there are several nuns came to control her.

Corruption game mr.c

MC is going to help her and maria says they are conducting doctrinal classes in prayer room. Then the option "Go to Prayer Room" appears. After I click on it, the game turns to Maria's prayer room scene everytime. It just triggers the wrong event. It's been like this for many updates.

Is there any way to fix this? Telgar Member Donor. Oct 20, Helleaven said:. Reactions: yoyomistroTenenbaum and Charles de Guernica. Jun 14, Don't expect much content. But can we have changelog at least? Reactions: DjwidndowoNightcloak and Belnick. Mar 2, 90 How do you corrupt the school? Reactions: Ryuu Akutagawa.

Corruption game mr.c

Mar 27, I have played this game before not sure which version it was could only get three slaves is there a walkthrough out for this game yet or is it something only patreon members get. Shuuko Newbie. Dec 6, 27 You get the VIP Card from your uncle in the house's garden. When your aunt, the sisters, and your uncle is there you get an option to ask about a VIP Card.

Corruption game mr.c

I don't know if you have to try accessing the VIP area first tho. Reactions: KyoriKusagami and Ruodger. Paul Core Newbie. Jul 17, 57 Mar 25, 10 6. Paul Core said:. Honestly, just the casino portion which is bugged, someone posted a patch here thoughtwo more scenes with Justin's Mom, and two for Sophie grandma.

Some are saying there are new scenes for the hospital and subway, but I can't seen to find any of them vs the last update. I also just saw a new flasher play scene for the nuns at the church, but not sure if that's something I skipped from a version. Raven Productions Active Member. Jul 30, BootyHunter Member. Aug 15, VictorMC Active Member. May 2, Baxonius Well-Known Member. Nov 23, 1, Cant make a staff meet or PE teacher meet. Reactions: Jame kaePurpleSmart and moszter. Mar 3, 10 Informations on Corruption 1. Using a 3rd will get you to the woman you can harass. All potions are available at sanctuary 3 types : normal, male and gas Corruption game mr.c corruption level is indicated by the outfits of the characters.

The more slutty outfit they wear the more corrupted they are. It would be wise to corrupt all characters at the same level before going further. Special events : Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Last edited: Nov 15, Reactions: AnimeDLaikhentMorte and 70 others. Randeza Active Member. May 16, Starklim Member. Feb 12, There a little new contents in the coffe shop Do you know how do i get to go in the house garden?

Fzoner95 Active Member. Oct 13, 2, Ruodger said:. Does he begin to corruption game mr.c with his grandmother only after making mother and sister of slaves?

Corruption game mr.c

And when to talk to your uncle about the vip card for the casino? Whenever I go back to his house I can not find him any more Thank you. Raven Productions said:. Reactions: AratakiRuodger and 1robbie2. Sep 13, 1 5. Dude,the devs just keep milking the patron by adding more place and more women while ignoring they already so much unfinished women. Reactions: CrosseTiranoSupremolibertypics and 2 others. BigEffinPerv Active Member. Sep 22, Randeza said:. Show hidden low quality content.

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Corruption game mr.c

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